Are you dynamic and ambitious? Thinking of launching into the world of children’s fitness?

Unleash your potential and take control of your future by becoming a Monkeynastix franchisee.

Owning a Monkeynastix franchise isn’t monkey business.

Monkeynastix offers franchisees flexibility, low start-up costs, and that feeling you are doing something positive every single day.


Learn how Monkeynastix can suit your lifestyle, and support your financial goals.


  • Monkeynastix Franchising FAQs: Here, we’ll tackle the most common questions potential franchisees have. 

  • About Monkeynastix: Endorsed by teachers and parents, and loved by children, learn more about our business and program.

  • Franchising Steps: Discover the process prospective franchisees go through to become Monkeynastix owners.

  • What our franchisees are saying: Hear directly from some of our enthusiastic franchisees.


Monkeynastix Franchising Steps

    Becoming a Monkeynastix Franchisee is a straight-forward process ensuring both parties know what they are getting into, and feel completely comfortable with each other.

    1. Fill out the form, or give us a call
    2. Initial phone call (roughly 30-minutes)
    3. Complete a simple 2-page application
    4. In-person, or Skype meeting
    5. Community inventory / Territory analysis
    6. Contact some of our existing franchisees to learn about their experience
    7. Disclosure
    8. See a Monkeynastix class yourself
    9. Discovery day – Signing the franchise agreement


    Monkeynastix Franchising FAQ

    • What areas are available?

    Monkeynastix is looking for franchisees all across Canada. We still have some prime locations available in every province. Contact our franchising team for more information on your specific area of interest.

    • How much does a Monkeynastix franchise cost?

    One of the great things about Monkeynastix is that the program is mobile and there is no bricks and mortar to invest in up front. Our franchises start at around $50,000 and go up from there depending on the size of territory you want.

    • What is the royalty and advertising fee?

    Our royalty is 10% and our advertising fee is 2%.

    • Are there Master Franchises available?

    There are still a few Master Franchises available in select markets. Please contact our franchising team for more information.

    • How quickly can I get started?

    This part is up to you and how quickly you do your research. We can get you started on your very own Monkeynastix business is and little as 2 months from today!


    Franchisee Testimonials

    What Monkeynastix Owners Have To Say

    Monkeynastix owners are some of the happiest, most fulfilled business owners in Canada.  The flexibile lifestyle, reasonable costs, healthy life, and opportunity to work and play with children leads to a level of contentment rarely found in franchisees.