indoor activities for kidsOur School Age program is all about finding the “fun” in the FUNdamentals of movement.

Children in the FUNdamental stage are motivated primarily by the desire to have FUN! They are far less concerned with competitive results than they are with having fun, being with friends and developing a strong self-esteem.

Having developed the foundations of fundamental movement skills, our 6-12 year old members will begin refining their fundamental movement skills by introducing them to the fundamental sport skills (i.e.: running, jumping, catching, kicking, throwing, swinging, and hitting).Through our warm-up, children will learn the importance of warming up and preparing for exercise.

After warm-up, children participate in a gross motor circuit featuring a main station (ie: trampoline, beam, etc) developing sport-based skills required for sport (ie: balance, coordination, etc), including the theoretical components. Each class will finish with team building or sport development.

Our goal is to get children “sport ready” and physically literate so they stay active and healthy for life!! To track our members’ development, skill assessments are done annually.


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