Monkeynastix Canada Public ClassesOur Tremendous Toddlers are itching to move, to learn, and to interact in a positive and fun environment with friends and interactive teachers. Knowing the importance of daily active play, we encourage a variety of body movements in this energetic class that assists in the development of fundamental movement skills.

Kids and parents will notice these classes are more structured than in the Babynastix classes; the shift from exploring to fine-tuning our ABCs of movement is apparent. Our Tremendous Toddlers enjoy a fun packed Monkeynastix lesson with a variety of safe music and activities for toddlers.

Each class begins with a fun Monkeynastix song, stretching positions, locomotion and fine motor activity. Using our specialized equipment, children then participate in a gross motor circuit which focuses on developing a specific skill each week, such as balance (balance beam), strength (p-bar), gross motor skills (post box) etc.

Finishing our fun packed lesson, our 2 to 3 year olds participate in a closing activity, where we work on children’s manipulative skills in sport development. The lesson ends with a closing song and Monkeynastix sticker changing weekly. New equipment and lessons are introduced weekly.

Parent Participation required.

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